Greetings from Father Joe Dominic

Hello. I am Father Joseph Dominic, a member of the Society of the Catholic Apostolate, commonly known as the Pallottines. Pallottine Fathers, brothers and sisters work on all continents.


Born into a traditional Catholic family, I always wanted to be a missionary, so I joined the Pallottines and had my studies in different cities in India. Once ordained as a priest, I was appointed as an associate vicar in a city parish. The very next year, I was asked to be the pastor of the same parish. That parish had two mission stations which were deep in the forest. I had to walk over 20 miles to reach those remote areas.


After two years, I was transferred to the largest parish of the diocese. It had 11 mission stations, and my associate and I had to literally stay on our toes to be celebrating the Eucharist and administering the sacraments. It was indeed a huge challenge. I stayed there for six years and then asked for a transfer. My superiors decided that I should go for studies to South Africa. Since I could not obtain a visa to that country, I sent an application to the Loyola University of Chicago, and they accepted me as a full-time student. Once I completed my studies, I returned to India.


My next assignment was to teach in the seminary. I taught philosophy and psychology for six years. During those years, we had over 70 students belonging to various religious congregations and dioceses. I also had the task of taking care of the non-Goan Catholics living in the State of Goa where our seminary is situated.


Though I enjoyed teaching, I asked for a transfer, and my superiors assigned me to be the director of an orphanage run by the Pallottines. That was another challenging post I received.


The Pallottine Fathers in India have many mission stations. Still it was the need of the hour that we spread our mission far and wide. The Indian Pallottines decided to begin a new mission in Zambia. We also opened a mission in the northeast region of India as well. These missions needed lots of money. Meanwhile, the midwest Pallottines in the USA also needed the help of their Indian counterparts to continue with their mission. So, some of us came to work in the USA.


My first assignment was at St. Lawrence Parish, in the village of St. Lawrence, as pastor. From there, I was transferred to North Fond du Lac and Eldorado. Now I am going to be part of another vibrant group of pilgrims.


I am looking forward to continue walking with each one of you in your spiritual journey. I know there were great spiritual leaders leading you. I humbly hope that I shall be of some help to you in your faith journey. I thank Reverend Father Bob Lotz for the kind and generous help he has extended to me.


God bless,
Fr. Joe Dominic SAC